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Just say NO to Regain and Emotional Eating after Bariatric Surgery

Just say NO to Regain and Emotional Eating after Bariatric Surgery

by Kristin Lloyd It is very common for bariatric patients to fear regain after having bariatric surgery. Having the surgery to begin with is a courageous step towards reaching their health goals. For many, bariatric surgery is a tool that individuals see as their last-ditch effort to lose the weight and keep it off long […]


Georgia Surgicare Successfully Performs the First Ever Endo-Sleeve Procedure in the State of Georgia

Congratulations to the team of Georgia Surgicare on performing the first ever Endo-Sleeve procedure in the state of Georgia. The Endo-Sleeve procedure with suturing is an incisionless weight loss method that mirrors the gastric sleeve with even better safety profile. With the Endo-Sleeve procedure, you can expect stomach reduction without surgery and weight loss of 50-100lbs. […]


Georgia Surgicare Now Offers Endoscopic Pouch and Outlet Repair for Patients Regaining Weight after Weight Loss Surgery

Holly Smith, a 38-year old accountant and mother of three, struggled with her weight her entire life until she had weight loss surgery four years ago. Within a year, she had lost almost one-third of her weight and felt like she was finally looking and feeling great. But recently, the pounds started to come back. […]


In Vivo Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy with Cellvizio® allows the discovery of a previously unknown human structure, the interstitium

According to the publication in Nature Group’s Scientific Reports, this discovery may have significance in cancer metastasis and other diseases and could lead to new therapeutic approaches for cancer Mauna Kea Technologies today announced the publication of an investigator-sponsored study that utilized Cellvizio to identify an up-to-now unknown human structure of an “interstitium” that had never […]


Loganville Health Fair at Georgia Surgicare

Georgia Surgicare and the City of Loganville are giving back to the community. This exciting event is sure to be a great time to come out and learn more about your health, and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather! We’ll have free health screenings that include: Body Mass Index (BMI) Glucose/Blood Sugar Cholesterol Weight Loss Blood […]