“Lunchtime Lipo”-Alternatives For Traditional Liposuction


The days of inpatient surgery and overnight hospital recovery for liposuction are long gone. At SurgiCare Arts we offer the most advanced, innovative cosmetic technology on the market. Moreover, our non-invasive treatment alternatives for liposuction have been dubbed “lunchtime lipo”. Most procedures can be done under mild sedation or no sedation at all. In addition, patients can enjoy an expedited recovery time. 

Alternative #1-Coolsculpting

 Cool sculpting uses cryolipolysis – fat freezing – to sculpt and contour. During the procedure, the cooling panels are placed on the area being treated, freezing the fat cells so they crystallize. After three days the cells die and are eliminated naturally by the body. Pros: Usually only one treatment is necessary and results are permanent, as long as you don’t put on weight. Cons: When the device is removed there can be some tenderness, redness, and bruising. It takes three months to see the best results. 

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Alternative #2- Bodytite

Bodytite involves having a small probe inserted under the skin the radiofrequency energy can melt away fat. Up to three areas can be treated at once and it is effective on the back, stomach, ankles, legs, and bottom. Pros: Bodytite not only removes stubborn fat but also tightens loose skin. Only one treatment is necessary. Cons: You’ll need stitches where the probe is inserted and up to a week’s recovery time. You may need to wear compression garments for two weeks. Best results are seen between three and six months later when everything has settled and new collagen has formed in the skin.

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