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Signs and Symptoms of GERD

Quite a few men and women experience acid reflux from time to time; while it can certainly be uncomfortable, it’s not necessarily evidenced that you have a serious, diagnosable medical condition. For those whose acid reflux is recurrent, however, there is always a chance that the culprit could be gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). What is […]


Endoscopic Pouch and Outlet Repair for Patients Regaining Weight after Weight Loss Surgery

Holly Smith, a 38-year old accountant and mother of three, struggled with her weight her entire life until she had weight loss surgery four years ago. Within a year, she had lost almost one-third of her weight and felt like she was finally looking and feeling great. But recently, the pounds started to come back. […]


In Vivo Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy with Cellvizio® allows the discovery of a previously unknown human structure, the interstitium

According to the publication in Nature Group’s Scientific Reports, this discovery may have significance in cancer metastasis and other diseases and could lead to new therapeutic approaches for cancer Mauna Kea Technologies today announced the publication of an investigator-sponsored study that utilized Cellvizio to identify an up-to-now unknown human structure of an “interstitium” that had never […]


Surgicare Arts & Aesthetics named a finalist for 2017 Physician of the Year

Surgicare Arts and Aesthetics is proud to have been named a finalist for 2017 Physician of the Year (Specialist Category) for the Gwinnett County Chamber Healthcare Awards. The Healthcare Awards program is part of the Gwinnett Chamber’s commitment to paying tribute to those who are leading the way through innovation, patient and family care, philanthropic […]


Moms rejoice—It’s back to school time!

The kids are headed back to school and moms everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief. With the rush of summer play dates, pool days, beach trips and day camps finally slowing, parents enjoy the return of normalcy and routine. But don’t let the same-old, same-old sink in. Instead take this opportunity to treat yourself. […]


2017—The Year of Injections & Fillers

As medical advances continue to lengthen life expectancy, an aging population has turned to cosmetic surgery to help their appearance match their inward health. From targeted facial treatments to body contouring procedures, there is an incredible range of surgical options for patients looking to make aesthetic changes. While cosmetic surgery in general is on the […]


Finishing Your Weight Loss Battle—Post-Victory Aesthetic Surgery

Losing significant weight is a tough battle. Unfortunately, dropping the pounds isn’t where the fight ends for many people. Excess skin and inelastic tissue can mask newly developed muscle tone and body shape, leaving weight loss warriors in a frustrating position as their outward appearance may not reflect the full extent of their body’s transformation. […]


Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico: Risk Without Reward?

Let’s face it. We all like a good deal. Black Friday beckons us like Sirens in the sea, and Americans flock to door-busting sales, nearly helpless to resist. Buying a discounted flat-screen television makes sense. Getting discounted surgery? That’s another story. Many people desperate for weight-loss surgery feel stymied by the cost. As they research […]


Let the da Vinci® robotic surgery method paint you a new physique

If you have a high Body Mass Index (BMI), weight loss methods and options are always at the forefront of your mind. In today’s world, there’s nary a magazine cover that doesn’t tout a new diet fad or feature a tanned image of a muscle-toned celebrity. Among the throng of choices available, bariatric surgery may […]


Top three benefits of “no scar” acid reflux treatment

Transoral incisionless fundoplication (TIF). It’s a mouthful to say, but the results of this incisionless procedure are simply beautiful. In a perfect world, there would be no need for surgery. However, the reality is that many of us—at some point in our lives—will have to go under the knife. Thankfully as technology and research progress, […]