Finishing Your Weight Loss Battle—Post-Victory Aesthetic Surgery

Losing significant weight is a tough battle. Unfortunately, dropping the pounds isn’t where the fight ends for many people. Excess skin and inelastic tissue can mask newly developed muscle tone and body shape, leaving weight loss warriors in a frustrating position as their outward appearance may not reflect the full extent of their body’s transformation. In the age of Transformation Tuesday selfies, this outward change is increasingly important to many patients seeking to celebrate their weight loss journey.

Aesthetic surgery following extreme weight loss is becoming more and more common among both women and men, particularly the practice of body contouring to help skin and tissues adjust to reduced body size. By removing excess sagging skin and improving the shape of underlying support tissue, the transformed areas appear firmer, smoother and less irregular. Body contouring procedures include facelifts, breast lifts or reductions, tummy tucks, lower body lifts, medial thigh lifts, and upper arm lifts and can sometimes include minimally invasive techniques like liposuction and Botox injections.

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