Is Mini-Gastric Bypass right for you?

Mini-Gastric Bypass


Dr. Chris is a renowned expert in Mini-Gastric Bypass. For patients in the Metro Atlanta area, throughout Georgia and beyond, Dr. Chris is available to meet with you, discuss your weight loss objectives and help determine whether a Mini-Gastric Bypass is right for you. Please reach out to Georgia SurgiCare today and request a consultation with Dr. Chris.


How does the mini-gastric bypass help you to lose weight?

  • By reducing the feeling of hunger through altered gut to brain signaling
  • By enabling an earlier feeling of satiety and fullness when eating a meal resulting in a healthy portion size
  • By decreasing the amount of calories you absorb from your food as a result of bypassing 150 to 200cm of the upper part of the small intestine
  • Rerouting of the food stream produces changes in gut hormones that reverse one of the primary mechanisms by which obesity-induced type 2 diabetes occurs

What are the benefits of Mini-Gastric Bypass?

Mini-gastric bypass is particularly effective for patients with a higher BMI as the procedure has more predictable and durable weight loss outcomes compared with standard gastric bypass.

Most patients have an almost immediate reduction in their need for diabetic medication and some are able to completely stop diabetic medication altogether.

It does not require any on-going adjustments which are required with other procedures, such as the gastric band. Regular follow-up is, however, necessary to ensure weight loss is appropriate and food intake is nutritionally adequate.

It is effective for those people who tend towards high sugar or high-fat foods. Dumping syndrome is directly linked to high sugar, high fat intake. Symptoms of dumping are unpleasant and therefore discourage the intake of high calorie and sweet foods.

What does Mini-Gastric Bypass Surgery cost?

Once you have determined that Mini-Gastric Bypass surgery is the best option for you, discover how this procedure fits your budget. Use our Pricing Tool to determine the private pay, all-inclusive cost of mini gastric bypass surgery.

Tip: Keep in mind that your price may vary based on your insurance coverage. Additional resources may also be available. Contact our team today to learn more!