Understanding The Financial Side of Your Surgery

Receiving life-changing surgery should be accessible to everyone. However,finances can become an insurmountable barrier. Georgia SurgiCare prides itself on offering competitively priced surgical procedures, and payment options.Bulk charges can be overwhelming and may not fit into your normal budget. Our mission to eliminate stress of financial burden. Moreover, for your convenience and ease of access, we offer the following financing options:

Care Credit Patient Financing

CareCredit works just like a credit card, but is exclusive to healthcare services. Furthermore,patient can receive special rewards every time they use their card.For example,You are rewarded with no interest financing or low monthly payments. Health and beauty awaits without breaking your budget!

  • Loan amounts ranging from $200 to $25,000
  • Payment options up to 60 months (O.A.C.)
  • Revolving credit lines for lower monthly payments
  • Fixed Interest rates from 14.9% (O.A.C.)
  • Multiple loan options
  • Fast, confidential application process at no charge
  • No interest programs for 6 months
  • Highest approval rates
  • Programs for multiple levels of credit


Prosper Healthcare Lending

payment plans for surgery

Prosper Healthcare Lending is the premier financing company in the cosmetic surgery industry.

The benefits you’ll receive with a loan from Prosper Healthcare Lending:

  • Immediate decisions for loans under $35,000
  • Term options out to 60 months (affordable monthly payments)
  • Zero prepayment penalties
  • Fast & easy loan inquiry process
  • 100% Confidential

Apply Now!

United Medical Credit

Thousands of patients have trusted United Medical Credit. United Medical Credit offers affordable payment plans surgical procedures.

Some of the benefits of choosing United Medical Credit to finance your care:

  • Extensive Network of Prime and Subprime Lenders
  • Multiple Plans to Choose From
  • Decisions Within Seconds
  • Fast and Easy Application Process with No Commitment
  • 100% Confidential
  • Plans available for Credit Challenged Applicants


How do I receive refills for my medications?

You will need to schedule an appointment with your doctor in order to receive your refill medication. Refill medications cannot be filled out over the phone.

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What are some of the usual tests before surgery?

A complete blood count (CBC), urinalysis, and a chemistry panel which gives us a readout of about 20 blood chemistry values. Most people, except the very young, get a chest X-ray and an electrocardiogram. We may do a gallbladder ultrasound to look for gallstones. Other tests which we frequently order, when indicated, include pulmonary function testing, echocardiogram, sleep studies, GI evaluation, or cardiology evaluation.

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Why would I need to have a sleep study?

Not all patients need a sleep study, but we will screen you to ascertain whether you are at high risk for sleep apnea. The sleep study detects a tendency for abnormal cessation of breathing, usually associated with airway obstruction when the muscles relax during sleep. This condition can cause problems and even death. After surgery, you will be sedated and receive narcotics for pain, which also depress the normal breathing drive and reflexes. At that time, airway obstruction becomes even more dangerous, and we need to have a clear picture of what to expect and how to handle it. Undiagnosed and untreated sleep apnea can lead to serious complications in the recovery room.

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Why do I have to have a psychological evaluation?

Evaluation is a requirement of many insurance plans. But even when it is not required, we ask the psychotherapist to evaluate our patients for awareness of the life changes they will face, and their ability to follow the basic recovery plan. It also gives you an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and how to apply them long-term to a successful weight loss surgery experience. Very few people are disqualified by the psychological evaluation.

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How do I receive my relief of my pain medications?

You will need to schedule a follow-up appointment with your doctor in order to receive your medication. Pain medications cannot be filled out over the phone.

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Will I be contacted prior to my surgery by the facility?

Yes. You may receive up to three calls. You will be contacted a few days prior to surgery by a member of your healthcare team. This call will include a routine health assessment, instructions for the day of surgery, and answers to any questions you may have. You may also be contacted by someone in the facility’s business office to address financial matters such as your responsibility for co-payments and deductibles. Finally, you may also be contacted by your anesthesiologist.

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What tests are required prior to my surgery?

Any pre-operative tests will be determined by your physician or anesthesiologist and communicated to you prior to the date of your surgery.

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What should I bring?

1. Please bring a photo identification and your insurance card(s). Our staff will need to verify and make copies when you check-in on the day of your surgery.
2. Be sure to bring any medications that you may need during your stay at the facility (e.g., inhaler or insulin).
3. Please bring a list of all drugs you are currently taking.
4. Please bring payment of any patient responsibility (e.g. co-payment or deductible)
5. Please do not bring rings, watches, or other valuables.

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Should I arrange a ride to the facility?

Yes. You will not be allowed to drive after surgery. Please arrange for an adult to drive you home and for someone to be with you when you arrive.

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What may I eat and drink before surgery?

Your physician or a pre-operative nurse will inform you of eating and drinking restrictions prior to surgery. It is very important that you follow the provided instructions. If you do not, your surgery may be delayed or cancelled.

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Should I take my routine medications on the day of surgery?

You will be given instructions regarding medications by your physician or a staff member. Also, as noted above, please be prepared to list all medications (including name and dose) you are taking and to bring any with you that may be needed during your stay (e.g., inhaler or insulin).

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What can I do to help ensure that I have the proper procedure on the correct surgical site?

Your safety is our primary concern. Your entire healthcare team will follow rigorous guidelines regarding site identification and procedure confirmation. National Patient Safety Goals have been developed which require your involvement too. You will be asked numerous times to confirm both the procedure you are having and the surgical site. You should take a very active role in all discussions with your physician, your anesthesia provider and our staff regarding the identification of your procedure and the correct surgical site. In most cases, your surgeon will mark the site prior to your procedure.

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What can I do to help prevent a surgical site infection?

Take a shower the night before and the morning of surgery. Follow these simple steps:
1. Wash your hair first with any shampoo.
2. Wash all of your body using a liquid antibacterial soap and a clean washcloth for each shower.
3. Rinse well to remove all soap.
4. Dry your body with a clean towel.
5. Do not use lotion, cream or powder.
6. Do not shave or clip the area where the surgery will be done unless your physician directs you to do so.
7. On the day of your procedure make sure you, your family and any other caregivers wash hands frequently while at the facility and at home following your surgery. Also, do not hesitate to ask members of your healthcare team at the facility if they have washed their hands!
8. After your procedure make sure you, your family and any other caregivers wash their hands frequently. Also, be sure you follow all instructions provided by your healthcare team regarding the care and cleaning of your surgical site as well as the administration of post-operative medications and bandages.

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Are there special considerations for a child having surgery?

We realize that surgery can be frightening for you and your child. The pre-operative call with the facility nurse is a great time to arrange a tour of the facility to ease any fears you both may be experiencing. If your child would like to have a stuffed animal or security blanket for added comfort, feel free to bring these items on the day of surgery. In the case of young children having surgery, it is best to have someone along with the driver to help care for the child on the trip home. If you experience any health changes between your most recent visit with your physician and the date of surgery, notify your physician immediately. Please report even minor changes, such as an elevated temperature, cough or cold. If you cannot reach your physician, please call the facility.

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What if I think I might be pregnant?

Please be sure to notify your physician, anesthesiologist and nurse prior to the date of surgery if you think you may be pregnant. The surgical procedure, anesthesia and medications may be harmful to a developing baby.

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Can I fill out my information package before the visit?

Yes. We strongly advise that you print and bring completed patient information forms to the office.

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Should I bring a list of my medications/health records to my office visit?

Bringing your medication and records to the doctor’s visit takes a little more effort, however it will ensure that you are taking the right medications and will make the visit a lot more beneficial.

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How long will a new patient visit take and what is covered?

A new patient visit usually takes about one hour, covering your medical past, family history, eating and drinking habits, medications, allergies and a thorough physical examination.

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How long will a follow up visit take and what is covered?

A follow up visit usually takes about 15-30 minutes, covering your main complaint/s, medication review, brief physical exam, and/or any lab or imaging studies ordered by the physician.

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Do you offer a weight loss program?

We offer many weight management programs, including but not limited to surgical, non-surgical, and functional meal replacements, which all complement a comprehensive exercise and nutrition regiment.

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Do you see children in your practice?

We welcome anyone from age 17 and up in our practice.

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Do you accept insurance?

We welcome all major insurance plans.

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Do you have a financial hardship payment policy?

Those in financial hardship measured as 125 percent of national poverty income, may qualify for a 25 percent reduction of fees.

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What is your cancellation policy?

Our healthcare can best be described as low volume and high quality. Each and every appointment time has been specifically reserved for you. We ask that you call a day in advance to reschedule or cancel your appointment. A $50 late cancellation fee may be charged to your account if you do not notify us within 24 hours.

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Is there a fee for cancelling my appointment without proper notice?

Yes, a $50 late cancellation fee may be charged to your account if you do not notify us within 24 hours.

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How do I get a hold of my doctor after hours?

In an emergency situation, please call 911 or seek immediate medical attention at your local ER facility. In the case of urgent matters, call 678.466.6760 and leave a message for the doctor on call. For non-urgent matters, you may choose to send an email to info@georgiasurgicare.com or leave a message at the office. We try our best to respond to your call within 24-48 hours.

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Can I request pain medication refills by phone or online?

No. All pain medication requests requires a visit to office.

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Is parking available?

Parking is available at the building free of charge.

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