Dr. A. Christopher Ibikunle, MD FACS

Dr. A. Christopher Ibikunle, MD FACS

Professor of Surgery, Augusta University and University of Georgia
Fellow, American College of Surgeons
Member, American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

Dr Chris is the CEO of Georgia SurgiCare and its subsidiaries, the premier Same Day Surgery center in Georgia. He is an Augusta University Professor of Surgery who specializes in all aspects of General and Bariatric Surgery, including acid reflux, weight loss, gallbladder, hernia repair and cancer care. He is a leader in his field and at the forefront of technology, committed to providing high-quality, personalized and compassionate care to patients every day. As a testament to his hard work and dedication, Dr Chris has received numerous prestigious awards and distinctions such as SBDC Business Development and Innovation Award, Best of Gwinnett.

Dr Chris completed his residency at Cleveland Clinic Foundation and served as Active Staff and Assistant Professor of Surgery at Cleveland Clinic. He received advanced training in Robotic and Incisionless Surgery. He started Georgia SurgiCare to provide outstanding care and service to patients in Georgia. Georgia SurgiCare is the leading surgery center in Georgia.

He also runs SurgiCare Caritas – the only Georgia-based surgery center providing free surgical care services to qualified patients in Gwinnett, Walton Counties. To Dr Chris, domestic volunteerism is absolutely vital to our health as a nation.

His personal life is dominated by his family and triathlon training.

Life Mission: To make high quality surgical services Accessible, Available and Affordable to ALL.


  • EndoSurgery
  • SCARLess Surgery
  • Advanced Laparoscopy and Robotics
  • Weight Regain

Procedures Performed:

  • Gastric Bypass
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Adjustable Gastric Band
  • Biliopancreatic Diversion and Duodenal Switch (BPD/DS)
  • Endosleeve
  • TORe
  • TIF
  • Stretta
  • Advanced Weight loss and Reflux Surgery
  • Advanced Laparoscopy and Robotic


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